Thousand Yard Stare

by Stephen Hummel



Thematically darker, with passages of cathartic energy, "Thousand Yard Stare" is Stephen Hummel's followup album to "MELD" (released in 2012). Showcasing a more stripped-down aesthetic, "Thousand Yard Stare" was born out of late-night drum machine jams, arranged live and then punctuated with sparse vocals and layered synth lines. Hummel's hands-on production approach lends the album a physicality and live energy throughout.

These mixes are the high-res masters and FLAC listeners will enjoy 88.2 kHz / 24 bit fidelity.


released February 10, 2015

Written and produced by Stephen Hummel

Mastered by Shahin Al Rashid at Medicine Man Mastering


all rights reserved



Stephen Hummel Vancouver, British Columbia

Stephen Hummel has evolved into an artist that consistently defies expectations by creating music that ignores genre labels and focuses on emotional weight. Whether producing epic instrumental statements as subtractiveLAD or forging a path as a songwriter under his own name, Hummel creates music that reaches deep into the listener's psyche. ... more

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Track Name: Over and Over
watching the people go by
fading into the city
is this what she wants?
how did it come to this?
thousand yard stare
a lighthouse in the trees

over and over
over and over
it all falls to pieces

slipping through the crowd
dissolving in the rush
she's not here anymore
how did it come to this?
thousands of stairs
a lighthouse in the trees

over and over
over and over
it all falls to pieces
Track Name: Found
I found me
inside of you
Track Name: Coming Down
oh, can you feel it coming, baby?
oh, can you feel it coming down?
Track Name: Nothing at All
feeling so small
used to be tall
nothing at all

hitting the wall
taking the fall
nothing at all

missing the call
learning to crawl
nothing at all

when everything
is said and done
where will we be?
how does it end?

when everything
has come undone
where will you be?
where do I end?
Track Name: Make It Stop
breathe it
bring it
shake it
let it

bring it
force it
push it
show it

feel it
take it
shut it
make it
Track Name: Dream Sequence
eyes open
hands closed
around the rope
she touches the ground
bare-feet on the sand
hot sun beating down
she finds shade
in the tall grass
lost to the world
she slips away
into the trees
cooler now
and darker still
she hears the sound
of water
fast and deep
she finds the edge
where the land
gives way to the stream
cupping her hands
she drinks
the water cool in her mouth
the world spins
her chest burns
she is falling
the stars above
and the earth below
she reaches for the rope
that is not there
opening her mouth
to scream
but sings instead
a song strange
and beautiful
as she opens
her wings
to fly
she turns around
and there he is
standing in the road
arms reaching
the air electric
bees buzzing
by the roadside
he is
through the door
and it locks
behind him
with a
that echoes
off the buildings
that surround her
slipping through the crowd
dissolving in the rush
thousands of stairs
a lighthouse in the trees
she starts to climb
but gets
looking up
she can see
the waves crashing above
her feet
planted in the mud
at the bottom of the sea
she feels
her roots digging deeper
as the earth rises
beneath her
she is a flower
on a mountainside
reaching for the sun
tiny creatures
explore her deepest parts
and steal her
night falls
and the moon rises
closer than ever before
she finds
the rope
and climbs
toward the light
she opens
her eyes
to the

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