No Man's Land

by subtractiveLAD



Originally released in 2007 via n5MD, subtractiveLAD's 3rd full-length entitled “No Man's Land” progresses beyond his previous albums by creating an introspective and focused actualization of his emotions. In past outings subtractiveLAD has only hinted at such introspection and has let us see just a hint of such depth of psyche. This new more open aesthetic has seemingly given Hummel a newer confidence in his sound that has led him to push further its boundaries by adding elements such as guitar, field recordings, and even hints of vocal texture to his signature style of self-made synth melodies and compressed beats. Songs of defiance, love, exasperation, hope, loss and even pleasure are all compiled in such a way to lead you through a journey of great musical rewards.

CDs of this album can be purchased from n5MD (limited stock):

"Maybe the pressure was on for Hummel to deliver again, but he must've shrugged it off back at the ranch in Vancouver: This third LP doesn't miss any steps in showing off the label's faith in him." - Audiversity

"The music contained throughout 'No Man's Land' shows a staggering attention to detail. Gentle piano lines, lulling synths, drifting vocals (especially on the gorgeous album closer "The Lucky Ones") combine gracefully with ascending waves of guitar distortion and captivating field recordings. It is rare for an album, with so many ambient moments, to pack such an emotional punch." - Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

"Though Hummel broadens out the subtractiveLAD sound with well-timed insertions of guitar, vocal texture, and field elements, it's not the expanded sonic resources that account for the album's impact but its emotive explorations of vulnerability and introspection." - Textura

"... a subtractiveLAD album that feels more palpably human than either of its predecessors, with the overriding sense being that on No Man’s Land Hummel is revealing far more of himself with his most personal, contemplative and gentle collection yet." - Cyclic Defrost

"I'm transported for an hour into the subconscious of a remarkable musician, an experience I find intensely human." - Evilsponge

"By utilising swathes of fluid electronic layers, precise beats and intricate melodies, Hummel creates a warm yet very personal album laden with poignant atmosphere." - Side-Line Magazine


released August 17, 2014

Written and produced by Stephen Hummel

Mastered by Shahin Al Rashid at Medicine Man Mastering



all rights reserved


Stephen Hummel Vancouver, British Columbia

Stephen Hummel has evolved into an artist that consistently defies expectations. By creating music that ignores genre labels and focuses on emotional weight, Hummel has managed to avoid the pitfalls of trendiness and style-over-substance.

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